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Keepsake Ring - Teardrop - Silver, Gold, Rose Gold - Stainless Steel

Keepsake Ring - Teardrop - Silver, Gold, Rose Gold - Stainless Steel

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Extra Inclusion (Pearl Mica always included)

Whether you are celebrating the birth of a child, or a loss of a loved one or pet, Keepsake jewelry is the perfect way to keep a memory with you at all times. 

Each item is made to order with the utmost handling and care. 

When you place your order, I will contact you with a set of instructions on how to send your inclusion (ie. breastmilk, ashes, etc). 


*Each ring has a mild pearl included. This is to give the ring a slight shimmer. Samples shown below are other rings (also found on site) to show inclusions.


Default Rings : 

Stainless steel base colored with Silver, Gold, or Rose Gold 


*If you have an allergy to any of the metals listed above, please email me at and I will use an alternate metal for you.

 *These items are made specifically to order. While there are some basic options for each item, if you have a specific request not listed for the look of your jewelry, please note your request in the "Order Special Instructions" box at checkout, and I will make it happen! 

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