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Black Lily Arts

Fully Custom 10oz Continuous 360 Mist Spray Bottle

Fully Custom 10oz Continuous 360 Mist Spray Bottle

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Continuous Mist Spray Bottle

Glittered with vinyl logo.

Completely customized with your name, logo, colors, and whatever else you'd like!

Glittered and epoxied, these are built to last!

Great for Hair Styling, Plants, Cleaning, Misting, Skin Care, & More!

These are FULLY CUSTOM ITEMS. Please email, after you order, with your specific name, color, logo, graphic, etc, requests.


Default Bottles used are 10oz bottles with white tops, if you would like a different option, please feel free to message me and I will absolutely work with you to find the perfect bottle for you!


HANDWASH ONLY in cool or warm water. Avoid hot.
Do not soak.
Do not microwave.
Avoid extreme heat (ie: do not leave in your car on a hot summer day)

Epoxy may crack or shatter if dropped. I cannot be held responsible for accidental damages. If your item is damaged, I can work my best to fix it. However this will incur an additional fee.

All items are made to order, so the look may vary slightly. Please keep in mind this is a hand made item, and there may be slight imperfections (ie: a stray piece of glitter).

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